The Animals

Our animals that are in the zoo are all being taken care of by handlers who are very knowledgeable, passionate and dedicated in delivering the best for the animals to sustain their needs and fundamental requirements for survival. We are dedicated to the protection and conservation of endangered wildlife species. We are the only zoo in the Philippines with considerable population of the white deers, its breeding and preservation. There are many "stars" in BaluarteZoo: tigers Tom, Dick and Harry; monkeys Rufo and Rufa, among others.

The Trainers

Within the captive environment, animal boredom and obesity are the greatest threats. When an animal is moved from the wild to the captive state a great deal of its function is lost. When in the zoo, lions no longer needed to hunt and zoo animals no longer need to protect themselves from predation. However, human intervention comes into play for each others' benefit. Baluarte staff and keepers work with the animals in a positive setting with enormous animal benefits. Respect for each animal's natural abilities forms part of the animal conditioning employed by our staff and keepers.

Animal lovers get satisfaction in this occupation, but their work can be unpleasant, physically and emotionally demanding and sometimes dangerous. Our animal trainers are specially trained in problem-solving skills and animal obedience. They possess patience and sensitivity to animal needs. Added to these, public speaking skills also form a large part of their job for seminars and presentations


    Zoo for Kids  


It is easy to love animals. What greater way to show our kids how to be responsible for preserving and caring for animals and nature than letting them experience it first hand by visiting the Baluarte Zoo.
Unfortunately, we live in a time where the separation between beings are more prominent. We live in an environment created by and for a very high density of human habitation. Thus, making space exclusionary to other species.
Let us make the education and promotion of animal conservation of our planet a step in the protection and appreciation of our global heritage. The children's personal interaction with plants and animals by and large speed up preservation and protection of our wild species and spaces.

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